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Dessy Pavlova

Dessy Pavlova

Organized Creativity

What you do and how you do it. These are my primary concerns with any project.

And most importantly, why that way?

The answers show how you will build and grow your business. My content, marketing and management solutions focus on research and analysis, with evidence-based, achievable, and measurable goals created with longevity in mind.


I deal in political advocacy, publishing, entertainment, and hemp.

I work with brands to navigate the cannabis regulations and develop the industry—starting with education. As a professional writer with over a decade of experience in drug policy and cannabis, I know that clear, consistent and concise communication is key to success.


Having worked with medical cannabis companies throughout the various changes in regulations and mapped hundreds of brands across the industry, I know how to best place cannabis businesses in the right settings for success. By working with small businesses in various industries, I’ve supported grassroots bootstrapping startups as well as corporate campaigns.

My number one piece of marketing advice: when creating a business, place importance not only on brand differentiation, but on company culture. Your story is only as strong as the individuals that support it.

I do market research, brand and content development, and end-to-end project management with a focus on strategy and analytics.

If this sounds like what you need, let’s connect.

There is only one rule: Authenticity.


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De-stigmatize 1 picture at a time

With such strict regulations and a booming new industry, showcasing responsible cannabis use might be the best way to destigmatize a long prohibited plant.