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Hi, I’m



I do market research, brand and content development,
and end-to-end project management. 


Welcome to my circle. Learn a bit about my projects below.


  • Sensible Cannabis Education via CSSDP’s Youth Cannabis Toolkit 75% 75%
  • Mapping the Canadian cannabis industry 25% 25%
  • Breaking the Stigma via Pistils & BTS Stories event collaboration 15% 15%
  • De-stigmatizing cannabis via CannStock 10% 10%
  • Demystifying magic mushrooms ? via Psillow  5% 5%

All of these advocacy projects are ongoing and in various levels of completion, with collaborations with the listed organizations. Click through to explore what they are!



4 Books for Growth

These four books offer ways to reflect on society, relationships, and yourself, and have changed the way I think and act.

De-stigmatize 1 picture at a time

With such strict regulations and a booming new industry, showcasing responsible cannabis use might be the best way to destigmatize a long prohibited plant.

Joint Effort // Marketing + Collaboration

Joint Effort Management helps with product development and cross-collaboration opportunities between businesses and campaigns.

Details coming soon:

Pistils // Brand Storytelling + Content Creation

At Pistils, we help build businesses how plants grow – organically, starting with the roots, slow, steady, strong ?

Creating essential company content to develop brands and successful marketing strategies ☀️?️?social and content development packages available at and upcoming event series at

Map Battles // Card + Board Games

Each Map Battles game is designed with different historical and geographical perspectives of crime, politics, war and peace. 

Details coming soon. In the meantime:

The Perfect Blend // Custom Favours

Working with hosts and planners, we design, source, deliver and present the perfect party favours that reflect everything about your special day. Let your special guests experience and bring home unforgettable memories.

Learn more:

Shmoke // Reviews

Shmoke is about enjoying the experience – from spirits and beer to cigars and cannabis, we review and recommend the best to sip and shmoke. Catered to the good life. 

Coming soon. 


Marketing Under the Cannabis Act

Marketing under the Cannabis Act is a KPU Cannabis Professionals Series course that examines current social media and marketing trends in relation to the cannabis industry and explores the Cannabis Act restrictions related to packaging and labelling, promotion and display, and selling and distribution, and how to work within them. Sign up or learn more here.

The Culture of Cannabis

Cannabis has a history of prohibition, but also of medical, spiritual and therapeutic application. By looking at cannabis use around the world, we can develop a better understanding of stigma and normalization, and explore cannabis from a sociological perspective. Additional details coming soon.


CSR in Cannabis

Cannabis as a regulated, adult-use, recreational industry is a vice similar to tobacco, alcohol and gambling, and as such, businesses capitalizing on cannabis have an ethical responsibility to give back on a social level. Exploring Corporate Social Responsibility campaigns and techniques, this course aims to train the next generation of cannabis employees. Details coming soon.


Hemp Everything

I love cannabis and the Canadian cannabis industry, but industrial hemp has even more applications around the world that I’m lucky enough to have been able to explore.

Upcoming announcements around a new project overseas coming soon!

Mushrooms and More

Sometimes we overlook the fungi, when really we should look beneath the surface. Why? Well, where you see a useless ol’psychedelic toadstool, I see medical application, exploration, and opportunity.

So, by no means should you say good-bye to cannabis just to say Hello Psillow.