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Milkweed, a company by Emma Baron, is based on thoughtful design, craft and ritual, for a contemporary cannabis experience. Each Milkweed piece is meant to become a staple in your cannabis ritual, crafted for both style and experience. The roll-on ‘Post-Sesh Scents’ is meant to put a fresh spin on your sesh and carry your cannabis-induced calm into your next activity.

The roll-on inspiration

“My love for cannabis came in university, where I discovered I much preferred to relax at a party with a joint than with a drink,” Emma recently told The Her(b) Life.

But sometimes, cannabis, and especially the heavy, sometimes-lingering, heady cannabis smell can actually be as off-putting for non-tokers as the overpowering smell of booze, though most lovers of mary jane much prefer the herbal wafts. When it comes to trying to mask your cannabis scent, there’s a concern around synthetic perfumes; not only do tokers need to take into account allergies when choosing a post-cannabis cover-up, perfumes can clash with the smokey aftermath, causing a potentially distressing experience for both the cannabis user and those around them.

The cannabis experience

As Emma became more comfortable with cannabis, she realized she was less comfortable with the ‘stoner’ stereotype and the social connotations that came with it. Post-Sesh Scents is not necessarily to ‘cover-up’ your favourite grassy odor, but to stylistically manage and enhance it. This discrete roll-on scent contrasts the usual attempt to simply cover the smell, and actually compliments the cannabis with another set of delicious and meticulously paired terpenes.

“I think of cannabis as a compliment to your day, something that gets you doing what you like to do,” Emma Baron, founder of Milkweed explains. “Post-Sesh Scents enhances the cannabis experience.”

Post-Sesh Scents accentuates the cannabis aesthetic Emma felt was missing from the market: homegrown, and closer to the heart and hands of Canadians. Like Milkweed, the herb traditionally planted to enhance monarch butterflies and picked and extracted for use in treating various health conditions, Post-Sesh Scents is made with transformation in mind.

Terpene transformations

The Post-Sesh Scents blend is a golden (a.k.a. unprocessed) jojoba carrier oil made by one of their creators at Vauxhall farm on the Niagara Escarpment. Jojoba oil is the perfect carrier oil because it has a very light scent itself, absorbing the smells of its immediate environment. It penetrates the skin without clogging pores or staining, absorbs the effects of the other oils, and it doesn’t oxidize, meaning it has an indefinite shelf life and helps preserve the other essential oils.

The first Post-Sesh Scents combination is orange, lavender and frankincense essential oils. Orange has quite a few terpenes, most notably limonene, known for it’s citrus, lemony smell; pinene, known for it’s sweet, fresh pine scent; and Myrcene, a woody, musky clove smell. There is some evidence limonene is anti-inflammatory and helps with stress. Orange and lavender share some terpenes, namely linalool, known for its anti-inflammatory properties, and caryophyllene, on which there is some research about its mood-enhancing properties and as a treatment for neuropathic pain. Frankincense also includes pinene, which among other terpenes, seems to help with respiratory issues, as well as produce anti-inflammatory effects. We’ve only recently begun studying the natural effects of terpenes and how they work together to enhance certain effects and cannabinoids.

These three scents blended together help enhance any cannabis ritual, but try it especially after rolling with a Pink Kush ‘sativa,’ generally high in limonene, linalool and THC, or a Jack Herer, high in pinene, or, if a sedative ‘indica’ strain is more your flavor, try a Skunk/Afghani cross strain like Warlock CBD or an earthy hybrid like Cannatonic for an especially relaxing experience. By using these terpenes that match, rather than mask, your strain experience, you can enhance and transform not only your own experience, but also the scent experience of those around you.

The future of Milkweed

“With a focus on Canadian creativity, design, and local production, we hope to exemplify entrepreneurship, craftsmanship and quality cannabis experiences,” Emma says. We hope that by collaborating with brands, Milkweed will further their reach coast-to-coast, adding to their collection of curated, handcrafted cannabis centrepieces, collaborating with entrepreneurs and craftspeople across Canada, and creating connections with the adventurers, the collectors, the connoisseurs that are looking for beautiful design-minded products crafted with their ideal cannabis experiences in mind.

Milkweed is clearly not just creating your average cannabis products, but are visualizing and building objects and experiences with a sense of place and a story. Interested in the roll-on terpenes Post-Sesh Scent? Find it here, and don’t forget to give Milkweed a shout on Instagram!

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