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Angelina Blessed is an inspirational Muaythai fighter with a knack for baking and educating, living by her motto: “Train. Treat. Repeat.”

With 10 years training and fighting as a Muaythai fighter in Canada and Thailand, as well as being the first Canadian female to fight Muaythai in China, her experience has proven incredibly useful in the cannabis industry. She has to keep her body in perfect form, practicing calisthenics (exercises that include a number of bodyweight movements such as running and pushing) to help stay in tip-top shape. As a fighter, of course, she also had to learn how best to recover between fights, and keep her weight up to standard, which can be difficult when there’s diet and movement limitations. With multiple injuries as well as dietary restrictions, she found cannabis to be the perfect resource to help get back on her feet and recover.

As it now stands, in Canada you can’t legally buy edibles, although there are many grey market options and places to discover them, and you can make them yourself as a medical patient or get somebody else to make them for you. Since most of the edibles Angelina came across were loaded up with too much sugar, she needed to find a different solution — after all, sugary edibles aren’t a viable option to fight inflammation! Creating her own solution, Angelina developed her own line of cannabis edibles specific to her conditions and training. She has been baking with cannabis and helping athletes and patients recover from injury while staying within healthy eating guidelines ever since. And don’t think that it’s necessarily all green recipes — her baked goods come in familiar, non-threatening forms, like cookies and donuts.

“Talking about cannabis is scary new territory for a lot of people. Educating others about cannabis, edibles, safety and how to consume will be key to breaking the stigmas associated with years of uneducated guesses and misinformation,” says Angelina. She looks at various intersections of health and wellness, from whole bud extraction to different strain uses and different infusion processes to provide different types of medication for different ailments, and seeks to help patients find it in ways that work specific for them.  

“From the farmers nurturing and growing healthy chemical free plants, to finding the right producers to safely get cannabis to the consumer, to the consumers being aware of strain differences, consumption methods and what is actually in the medicine. This is all an important part of the process.”

An avid advocate for mindfulness, Angelina now focuses on educating and supporting other athletes as well as other patients in the industry, providing some useful insights for anybody looking to use cannabis from a recovery perspective. Healthy cannabis edibles, oils and floating (in a sensory deprivation tank) all became an integral part of her recovery and allowed her to train, treat and repeat like the lady boss she is. Now, she aims to spread that knowledge and help others apply it safely to their own recovery, whether athletes or other patients.

“Cannabis and CBD can be very effective for many people, in an age where we desperately need an alternative to the destructive prescription medications on the market. I feel like we are being given second chance with this therapeutic plant. Talk to other farmers, athletes, patients , cannabis craft advocates, there is so much information for all of us to share.”

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